Sustaining life on earth
Mar 31, 2024

Sustainable use of Natural resources

Hi all Sustainable use of Natural resources is a center point of discussion in the present environmental & climate change context. What is sustainable use: In my opinion "Use of Natural resources in such a way that the resources are available to both present and future generations along with ways and means to conserve and multiply. What is the role of Individuals: It starts with me. Self introspection tells your behaviour towards the sustainability. How much water daily I am using, how much food I am wasting, How much pollution I am creating and so on... What is the role of NGOs: Primarily to create awareness among the people about the affects of un sustainable use of Natural resources. Identification of donors and projects to be undertaken. Role of Educational institutions: Invention of new technologies to disposal of waste, recycling. Improving water table methods,reforestation & creating carbon sinks methods etc.. Role of Government: Allocation of budgetary funds to the priority projects. Framing guidelines & regulations. Imposing taxes for discouraging un sustainable usage.

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