Wildlife Trade and Crime

Wildlife Trade and Crime

This room is meant for lessons learned and resources that can help us combat wildlife crime

Organization for Wildlife with special needs

Hello everyone! I hope this message finds you all well  I decided to introduce you all to my favorite organization in the world in which i had the pleasure of being a volunteer since i started my bachelors as a Vet. This organization is called ASAS e Amigos.  I have added the link to their instagram above and this is their website: https://www.asaseamigos.com.br/. They have an english version for the website but it's down right now but they are already working on fixing it.  So let me introduce you all to the amazing work done by Marcos Mourão (the president and vet of the organization). Since 2001, Asas e Amigos has been rescuing, treating, and sheltering wild and domestic animals from trafficking and abuse. Today, we have around 530 animals under the care of veterinarian and NGO president Dr. Marcos de Mourão Motta, who dedicates most of his time and money to providing comfort and quality of life to these animals. MISSION Receiving, attending to, treating, and performing surgeries on native animals seized by IBAMA, the Environmental Military Police of Minas Gerais, and IEF/MG – the State Forest Institute of Minas Gerais. These animals are victims of wildlife trafficking, mistreatment, road accidents, severe health issues, abandonment, special needs, and mutilation due to human cruelty. Most of these cases cannot return to nature. Rescue, care, treatment, and surgeries for victims of cruelty, animal trafficking, fires, and accidents, aiming at the recovery and appreciation of animal life, as well as the interaction between humans, animals, and the sustainable environment. VISION To be an excellent and model institution in the care and treatment of domestic and wild animals at risk of life, abandonment, mistreatment, disability, mutilation, precarious survival conditions, and physical and behavioral suffering. VALUES  Appreciation and respect for the lives of sentient animals. Care for the sustainable environment and sanitary issues. Fostering relationships and actions between humans and animals. Ethical, moral, and dignified treatment and care for rescued animals. THE WORK: RESCUE Rescue of wild animals from animal trafficking and mistreatment. TREATMENT/RECOVERY Treatment of wild and domestic animals. PERMANENT HOME We offer a permanent home to those who, due to trafficking and/or mistreatment, were mutilated and left with some type of irreversible physical disability and are no longer able to return to nature and survive on their own. REINTEGRATION PROGRAM Those animals that fully recover after treatment are returned to nature to maintain and preserve environmental balance. ___________________________________ I hope you all enjoy checking their website and instagram and taking a look at the animals we work with daily. I have never seen a project like this one before in Brazil, where they take care of wildlife with special needs instead of eutanizing them.

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