WildHub is an international community of conservation professionals. We provide a space to exchange ideas, create new solutions, and make new partnerships to enable better, faster, and cheaper conservation that helps save more wildlife. We are a non-hierarchical friendly community of like-minded people, with similar values and different ideas. Our community is free to join and mainly for those currently working in the conservation sector, but it is open to anyone who feels that they can contribute in a meaningful way. Our community is member-led, meaning that members decide what to talk about, how to interact, and how to grow the community.  

What do we believe?

We believe we can do more for conservation than our jobs allow us to do. We believe that we can achieve more through learning from, helping, and working with others. 

What are our values?

As members of WildHub, we are:

  • Welcoming to people of all kinds

  • Generous in our praise and support of others

  • Positive in our interactions and our contributions

  • Open about our motivations

  • Collaborative in how we interact with other members and grow our community

  • Responsible for the effects we have on others by our words and actions

What do WildHub members represent?

In WildHub we represent ourselves as well as our organisations.

How do members interact?

Online: Members interact on an international level through the online WildHub platform. This online platform has different rooms in which members can interact with one another on conservation topics that are most important to them. Members will be able to set up and participate in any room they are interested in. For example, a member could set up or join a room as general as ‘fundraising’ or ‘capacity building’, or as specific as ‘Gharial conservation in Nepal’ or ‘strategies for communicating with governments in transboundary conservation projects’. If you would like to set up a room, please get in touch with WildHub's community manager, Thirza Loffeld, at hello@wildhub.community

In-person: WildHub members can also interact by organising informal sessions at a local, national, and regional level. WildHub sessions have absolutely no agenda, are free to attend, and are open to all members. 

What can members do?

Members can:

  • Share their knowledge, experience, ideas and skills to help others

  • Ask members for help to solve a challenge they are facing

  • Collaborate to create a new best practice that can be shared with the whole community

  • Share a funding, training, job, or other opportunity that may benefit members

  • Organise a WildHub session on a local, national, or international level

  • Recruit new members so that they and the community can benefit

In addition, members can engage with and add to the community in any other way they like, as long as it is in line with our shared values.

Who administers WildHub?

This online platform has been kindly provided by Zapnito. WildTeam UK (Registered charity in England and Wales number 1149465) funds and manages the design and maintenance of this platform, and is also responsible for compliance with GDPR regulations. The community manager works for WildTeam UK, but their role is to help meet the needs of the community members. WildTeam UK have set up the online platform because it will help WildTeam to:

  • Achieve its charitable objectives relating to increasing the impact of conservation globally
  • Connect with those that may benefit from WildTeam’s lessons learned, training, non-profit consultancy, and free best practice solutions
  • Learn from others to improve how WildTeam carries out its own conservation work.

More information about WildTeam UK can be found on their website (https://www.wildteam.org.uk/)