Guidelines for WildHub contributors 

Please consider:

  • Choosing a writing style that is easy to read and understand, respectful and is clear to people who do not have English as their first language. Our members have a wide range of different backgrounds (e.g. practice/policy/research, job levels, area of work).

  • That your contributions should be relevant to the topic. If you are unsure what to write about, you may want to answer the following questions: Which lessons learned can I share on this topic that could benefit the wider conservation community/people working on this topic? What did I wish I would have known before I started working on this topic and could be useful to share with other professionals now? Which piece of information on this topic do I feel is currently missing in the conservation sector? 

  • Restricting your post(s) to 500 - 1,500 words. 

  • Including suitable photos, especially if you are contributing a post <500 words, to keep your readers engaged (at least approx. 1024 pixels wide for a horizontal image). A source of freely usable images is Unsplash.  

  • That you need the right to reproduce any image, text, video or any other content that you upload on our website. Posting copyright material without permission may be unlawful. 

  • Always citing your source. Attribute quotes and paraphrased comments to their proper sources. If you want to discuss someone else’s work, please summarise it in your own words. 

  • Always respecting people’s privacy. You can post your own personal details and contact information (do remember that this is a public forum), but please do not post anyone else’s personal details or contact information. Equally, if you are describing a sensitive work situation, please consider leaving out details that would lead to identification of individuals. 

  • Everyone with Internet access may be able to read your contribution, once it is online. Please consider how others could perceive your contribution and make your contribution clear to ensure that it is not misunderstood. People from many different backgrounds may view your contribution. 

For more information, please contact community manager Thirza Loffeld (