My name is Lucia and I work for Plantlife as a Conservation Officer on Magnificent Meadows Wales project. We work on restoration of species-rich grassland at different scales and with different audiences across Wales, UK.

I am originally from Slovakia but did both of my degrees in the UK. I love insects and tropical rainforests (there is the biggest diversity of them there!). I worked for the Natural History Museum in London for a few years in their beetle collections and did insect-collecting expeditions to Africa and Borneo but then realised taxonomy isn't my path and I wanted to get back to practical conservation. I then worked for a charity SEED Madagascar for a year as their research coordinator in Madagascar. Then back in the UK, I did shorter jobs for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and The Butterfly Conservation, mostly working on projects concerning conservation of rare species. 

In terms of the training outcomes:

  • I did a project development post in the past but this was for a specific funder so I would be interested to learn about wider principles and how these can be applied to different projects, in different countries and of different length
  • I would eventually like to transition to tropical conservation work so I am also hoping this training will help me to do so and will make my CV stronger
  • my current project was quite badly designed so I would be curious to know whether there are any 'quick fixes' in already running projects



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over 1 year ago

Welcome Lucia, sounds like an interesting career you've had! 

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over 1 year ago