Hi, I’m Eamonn

Haling from Ireland, I came to the UK eight years ago in search of the opportunity to work in wildlife conservation. I worked my way up, beginning as a volunteer to now working as a ranger where I look after a range of parklands, many of importance for wildlife.

Everyday is different and I fortunate to spend most of my time outdoors working in some fantastic landscapes. I could managing reedbed one day then coordinating workshops and events another day. I’m exposed to a wide variety of interesting projects and work with an even wider array of people and organisations.

Managing the parklands can be challenging. Situated along the Lea Valley corridor the park is bordered on all sides by Londons dense urban population. Despite the parklands and their wildlife being legally protected, different uses by people can sometimes lead to tension or even conflict. Some of the pressures placed on the park are growing and changing all the time.

As well as wanting to develop my own skills and gain a qualification, I’d like to be better able to put strategies in place to mitigate against the problems I come up against. I hope learning through this course I’ll be able to tap into peoples experiences, views and ideas. Sometimes, it’s useful to look outside of your own immediate sphere for clues, answers and different perspectives. This seemed a good place to try this.

Looking forward to getting started


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over 1 year ago

Lovely introduction, sounds like interesting work! Look forward to chatting more in the live sessions. B