Hello, I'm Leah

Hello, my name is Leah.  I am currently serving in the United States Navy as the communications and IT department head for my command.  I am also the Chief of two departments and run one of the major training programs at my command.  I volunteer as the Wildlife Trafficking Coordinator for Project Neofelis with a non-profit organization called the Society for the Preservation of Endangered Carnivores and their International Ecological Study or S.P.E.C.I.E.S.  for short.  When I am not on active duty with the military I am also a tour guide at The San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  I have a master's degree from Miami University of Ohio in the United States where I focused on wildlife trafficking.  I am transitioning out of the military soon, and I hope to find a full-time job working in wildlife conservation.

 I also have a twelve-year-old son and two dogs.  I am looking forward to this course to better prepare myself for a job and future conservation work. I also feel a little out of the loop after having a four year break after finishing my degree while being brought back to active duty in the Navy.


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over 1 year ago

Welcome Leah! :)