Do you want to learn about conservation social science?

Are you keen to grow your confidence and knowledge of conservation social science? Do you want to better understand the social components of the ecosystems you work in?
Do you want to learn about conservation social science?

We know that understanding people’s relationships with the environment is critical to achieving positive conservation outcomes.  Yet exploring these relationships requires specialist approaches and methods.  That’s where social science comes in, as it provides insight into how people influence and are influenced by their environment, why people value nature and what can be done to engage audiences in your cause. 

Focused on what you need to know
Many people in the conservation and environment sectors have trained and specialised in natural sciences.  Social science, its disciplines, methods and terminologies are often unfamiliar and overwhelming.  If you work or study in these sectors and want a better understanding of the human dimensions of the ecosystems you work in, we will provide you with the foundation knowledge of social science and the confidence to use it. 

This course gives you a springboard to use social science in your work.  You'll learn what conservation social science is, how it’s done and how you can use it.  You'll connect with others who share your passion for better understanding the systems you work in.

We know that integrating new approaches into your work after the course can be a daunting task.  By the end of the course, you’ll have a personalised plan for applying social science to work for you.  

The course is taught through recorded lessons (with online access for a year) and live support through three virtual workshops.  The live workshops have two time zone options so you can join at the time which best works for you. 

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