Hello everyone!

I´m Estefania (Steph)

Hi everyone! My name is Estefanía (you can call me Steph), I´m Bolivian but I live in Chile. I am a Tourism and Hotel Management bachelor, and at 35, I have finally made my long overdue decision to follow my own path and starta a conservation career. I´m currently working as a Flight Attendant but have been using Covid as an opportunity to train myself in diverse areas to become more employable in the conservation sector. For a while I´ve been terrified of making the "career switch" but I know that I can use my knowledge and experience in Tourism and my knowledge and experience in Education (I also worked in education for 6 years) to good use for this course and for the career path I wish to pursue. Glad to meet all of you and looking forward to our first session! 



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almost 2 years ago

Hi Steph

So happy to hear you chose to switch career paths to conservation! you sound really enthusiastic about the change so i'm sure you will be fine :) Nicola

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almost 2 years ago

Hello, well done for making the switch! It must seem like quite a scary thing, but you sound like you are doing all the right things and most of all you have the enthusiasm :) Looking forward to chatting in the live sessions. B