Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone,

I'm Alan based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Most recently I was working as a Project Officer on a BirdLife International Marine Programme project that aims to address the decline of albatrosses as a result of accidental death in tuna longline fisheries.

Part of my role was supporting the process to develop a 10-year strategy for the project. But lacking any background in conservation strategy development meant it was a real "learning by doing" process. So I've come to this course with WildTeam to get to grips with exactly what goes into developing a well-thought-out conservation strategy. Specifically, I'm hoping to:

- understand what a strategy for conservation "looks like" on paper;

- understand how to engage stakeholders when developing a conservation strategy;

- how to define the problem your strategy is aiming to address in a way that is ambitious yet realistic

Currently I'm looking for a new role :)


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11 months ago

Welcome Alan! Hope you enjoy the training. 

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11 months ago