Hello everyone!

Hi I'm Gary

Hi, my name is Gary Small. 

I'm 49 and have spent 25 years in the automotive industry. I have always had a love of wildlife and the outdoors and on my travels (before kids!) have been involved in some conservation and volunteering in South America and Iceland. I am looking to switch careers, away from the automotive world and am wanting a new role in conservation or other environmentally beneficial projects. I have many transferable skills, but no formal experience and as a consequence, my applications to new roles have not been successful. Through completing this course I am hoping to get a qualification to add to my CV that will enhance my chances of making successful applications. I hope to gain a better understanding of a new field and help in directing me towards the types of role that I am best suited to. 

My love of the outdoors has taken me on many adventures - travelling, hiking long distances and up a few mountains, camping out, and on some long cycle rides too! These are all things I enjoy sharing with my children, friends and family.

I look forward to starting the course and meeting everyone.




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over 1 year ago

Hello Gary! Good to hear about your background and plans for the future. What long cycle rides have you done? I'm a big cycle fan myself.

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over 1 year ago

Hi Beth, All of my big rides have been in the UK. Mostly sportives, but also some self supported rides - Southampton to Ipswich, London to Manchester and last year - John O'Groats to Lands End ..... how about you?

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about 1 year ago

I would love to do John O'Groats to lands end! Every summer we just do a couple of days bikepacking, but this summer we took it a bit more seriously and cycled west east west, so Cornwall to the most easterly point (Lowestoft), up to north Norfolk, then back to Lands end.