Hello! I'm Roz

Marine scientist and MSc student

Hi, I am a marine biologist currently doing an MSc Marine Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeters Cornwall campus. I have previously worked for Blue Resources Trust in Sri Lanka as Project Manager on the Sri Lanka Shark and Ray Fisheries Project, as a Fisheries Observer in the South Atlantic, in events management and publishing. I want to increase my employability in conservation and policy work, and build confidence in project management. I look forward to working through the course with you!


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almost 2 years ago

My immediate reaction to "What is conservation impact?" is: having data collection translated into local, national or international policy eg. getting a species listed on CITES, CMS or locally protected.

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over 1 year ago

Welcome back Roz! Hope doing the two courses at the same time isn't too much. Interesting point about conservation impact.