Hi folks

Hi folks

I'm Kanishka from Brentwood, UK. I'm doing this course to help me career change from IT Project Management to Wildlife Conservation. I've loved nature and been a birdwatcher since I was a kid, but took a serious wrong turning somewhere and ended up in IT.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and have been using lockdown to retrain. So I guess the main benefit I'm trying to gain from this course is to learn how to apply my previous career experience to the Conservation industry. Fingers crossed there's some transferable skills in there somewhere.

Assuming I survive this course, I hope to do the PMWC course next.

Look forward to meeting you all next week!



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almost 2 years ago

Hello :) I am sure you have lots of transferable and valuable skills for the conservation sector. Look forward to chatting more in the live sessions. B

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almost 2 years ago

Hi Kanishka - I took a wrong turn somewhere too, but I'm glad we're both on the conservation track now! Looking forward to (virtually) meeting you in the live sessions. :)