Hi from France !

Hi everyone ! 

I am Camille and I live in France.

I have a Master degree in Animal Ethics from the University of Strasbourg. I am very passionate about animals, nature, environment and the relationship between humans and animals, among other things. 

Since I've graduated, I've been confronted to some difficulties to find a job in the area I'm interested in. So, for several months, I've been taking many trainings and online courses about project management and wildlife conservation. I actually did the PMWC in September which I really loved the content and learning approach. 

My main objectives taking this new training is to get more knowledge and skills to set a conservation strategy, enhance my skills and strenghten my CV and finally connect with people with the same passion and already (or not) in the field ! 

I'm also following a longer training in animal care. 

I actually realised that all trainings I have taken are very connected and complementary, so I really enjoy it. 

I would love to dedicate my time and energy to managing projects for the protection and conversation of wildlife and I'm particularly interested in primates, elephants and big cats.

Outside of this, I like yoga, reading a lot, dancing, hiking in nature, discovering places and people, and many other things !  

Looking forward to hear all of your stories and experiences and starting the training!


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over 1 year ago

Good to have you on the training Camille! Great list of hobbies :)