Hi, I'm Jen

Here is my late introduction!
Hi, I'm Jen

Hi everyone! It was great to meet some of you in our first session last week and I'm looking forward to delving into Principles this week!

I'm another Scot, but this time I'm based in Australia where I work as the Programs Coordinator for The Thin Green Line Foundation (TGLF). I'm a former Ranger and Species Protection Officer (Scottish Wildlife Trust), and have also worked as a Ranger here with Parks Victoria. This background gave me a love for working outdoors, and unwavering respect for the people working to protect nature every day on the 'frontline'. However, I was looking for more of a challenge and began pursing project management opportunities... that's what led me to TGLF.

Our organisation has changed a lot recently and is rapidly growing, so there isn't really a general 'day-to-day' that I can describe - I do a mixture of grant writing, donor reporting, supporter engagement and, my favourite part, funding projects that support Rangers working on the frontlines of conservation. 

As I mentioned, we're evolving a lot, and we want to make sure we do so in a way that is controlled and ensures our operations remain effective. I've completed the Project Management course with WildTeam before, so thought now would be a perfect time to learn about Strategy Development.

The three things I aim to get out of this course are:

  1. Learn how my organisation can structure our activities so that everything contributes to our overarching impact objectives.
  2. Develop confidence in my ability to create a structure, and articulate it.
  3. Learn from real life individuals (all of you) to gain a deeper understanding of the various scenarios that may present themselves when creating a strategy.

I'm looking forward to learning more with you all, and would be happy for anyone to contact me to discuss whatever (the course, finding a job during COVID, my new puppy)!

Cheers, Jen


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11 months ago

Good to have you back for more Jen, and great to see TGLF doing so well. New puppy you say?! :D photos?