Hello - I am Yannick


I am originally Dutch but was born and raised in India.  Around three years ago, I moved to the Netherlands to complete my bachelor's in Chemistry and Biology at the University of Maastricht. My deep passion and love for Wildlife Conservation took root when I was twelve, and has steadily been increasing in intensity over the years.  In the time between, though, I followed my logic and sidelined this underlying passion. However, upon completing my bachelor's, I decided to take a year off to follow my passion and find my feet within the field of Wildlife Conservation. I currently work as a window cleaner in Denmark, and use my free time to follow courses, listen to podcasts, and do research into potential master programmes that could help equip me with all the necessary tools to become a successful Wildlife Conservationist in the future.  

What I would like to take away from this course is to:

learn how to approach a conservation project from bottom-up;
learn about the different factors that can help transform a conservation initiative into a successful project;
broaden my understanding within the field of conservation.
Looking forward to learning and growing together. 




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12 months ago

Welcome Yannick! Good to have you here and look forward to chatting more in the live sessions. Where abouts in India did you grow up? 

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12 months ago