Week 3

Developing A Situation Analysis

Hey guys,

I know I am late, but was only able to do this today. Sorry for that.  I was thinking of creating a situation analysis for a project I had in mind in local National Park close to where I live.  The park is an important breeding location for migrating and local birds.   This situation analysis would revolve around the prevention of predation by foxes on the eggs of these three endangered bird species in particular (Calidris alpina, Calidris pugnax, and Limosa limosa) found within the park.  The current technique used to avoid predation by foxes on the bird eggs, and the only one that has proven to be effective thus far, is the hunting of these foxes during the spring time.  To prevent this, I wanted to create a strategy and research alternatives to this.

I am more than willing to join an another group.  Also, I am late so i take responsibility for this.  I am obviously in the p.m. group.