SDWC Action Plan / Conservation Strategy

Hazel dormouse ' Muscardinus avellanarius' Species Action Plan. Worcestershire Biodiversity partnership.
SDWC Action Plan / Conservation Strategy


Hazel Dormice are a species of national importance and have dramatically declined over the last 150 years.  A lost species in 17 counties with strong holds in Wales and Southern England. 

The ideal habitat for the species is large structural trees and species diversity.  Managed coppice woodland by coppice rotation. However in recent studies it has shown that dormice are more adaptable to a unkept forests. They can live in a variety of habitats and  they are omnivores and eat a variety of foods.

Current factors affecting the Hazel Dormice 

  • The changing climate affecting hibernation patterns and food supply.
  • Woodland management is inappropriate for dormice.
  • Habitat fragmentation and population isolation.
  • Lack of species rich woodland due to inappropriate management
  • Increased deer population has changed habitat.
  • Lack of knowledge how to manage the habitat
  • Increase population of Grey squirrels.

  • Experimental woodland thinning operation
  • The national Dormice Monitoring programme
  • Great Nut hunt showing evidence of Dormice present
  • Monitor management programmes through the Forest Commission
  • Nest Box Monitoring
  • Looking at past dormouse record populations form core site

    Conservation Objectives
  • Maintain Habitat management
  • Re-establish  Worcestershire Dormice Group 
  • Permanent monitoring sites
  • Mapping dormouse population 

Comparison between SDWC and Worcestershire Dormice Action Plan    

  • Mapping dormice population is a  work package - reducing fragmentation of dormice sites.]
  • There is a monitoring approach. However, no tolerances set, not objectives an no indicator, just a method and result.
  • One adaptation used is looking at old dormice records to understand past populations
  • No human wellbeing result
  • Lack of stakeholders stated 
  • No obvious behaviours identified
  •  No stakeholders mentioned in action plan
  • No Roles assigned
  • No means of engagement selected


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