Starting SWDC course Feb/March 2021

Hi Everyone

Hi There, 

Its Helen,  I am ready to learn all about this concept and hope to use these skills in my conservation journey. Maybe adapt them to my current work where I am environmental champion. ( Though currently furloughed).

I have had a little bit of experience in conservation. In 2002 I started my Environmental Science Degree, graduated in 2007. I went to Malawi in 2007 for 6 weeks to help with the conservation effort there. Tracking animals preventing animals getting poached. Then decided to do another degree at the Open university which was an Open degree graduated in 2017. Then worked on my Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management. I hope to complete my masters after in a few years. 

I am interested in UK conservation I am hoping to obtain my dormice handing  license, though it is delayed because of the current pandemic I am unable to do my training, this is why I put my masters thesis on hold as I would like to base my project on dormice. I love birds, I moved from Kent to Berkshire last year, I have a large garden where I watch the different birds in my garden. I cant actually believe yesterday I had a tree creeper in my garden. I enjoy going on country walk nearby where I live. 

I enjoy travelling I hope one day to go to Costa Rica, was supposed to go last year.

I also love art, I wouldn't say I was great at Art but during the first lockdown I enjoyed drawing birds on my iPad.


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12 months ago

Hello Helen :)  Tree creeper - cool! 

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12 months ago