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Hello, my example is from a bee conservation project we have recently launched. One of our tasks is to let wildflowers grow on grass verges and amenity grass in local towns. Flowers on these small areas of grass can support thousands of bees if they're not mown away during the spring and summer.

You would think this would be an easy project, as it seems like there is nothing to lose! However, it transpires that there are many more hurdles to overcome than anticipated: so many residents complain about "untidy" grass verges, while contracts are fixed one year in advance for the contractors who manage council owned verges and it is proving ridiculously tricky to amend them in time for this summer.  However, we have made some headway, although it is only a frustratingly small number of areas to be used as a pilot.  The good news is that we have persuaded the council to put together a new policy for grass verges for next year, which will be much more beneficial to pollinating insects.

Anyway, here are my documents.  My newspaper article is due to be published in a couple of weeks, so we will see what feedback we get from local residents!


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over 1 year ago

Hi Jo, I believe we might be working on a similar project! Have we met btw? Who are you working with on your new bee project?