Gwynne Braidwood

Conservation Programmes Officer, World Land Trust

About Gwynne Braidwood

I am currently the Conservation Programmes Officer at World Land Trust (WLT), based in the UK. I started working for WLT as an assistant in 2017 and over the past few years I have taken on various responsibilities. Currently I co-ordinate and manage our restoration and ranger programmes alongside WLT supported projects in Borneo, India, and our only UK site. Prior to this I spent 7 years volunteering in a variety of different roles in organisations in the UK and abroad, whilst studying for my BTEC in Countryside Management, and BSc in Wildlife Conservation at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE), University of Kent. I completed a 3 month internship working as a project assistant for the Charles Darwin Foundation in the Galapagos, collecting data on the Galapagos flycatcher, before I started working at WLT. Within my current role, I engage with WLT's Partner organisations to maintain partnerships, build relationships and support their work. WLT Partners are in-country local NGOs who manage the projects and reserve areas that WLT supports. Key to WLT’s philosophy is to empower local NGOs with financial and technical assistance but not to manage them, which is what initially drew me to working at the trust. The purchase of land is always through project partners and WLT does not own any of the overseas reserves, so each project WLT supports is run and managed by an in-country partner organisation. I am passionate about the conservation of the natural world and am interested in a wide range of topics related to that, from human-wildlife conflict and ecosystem restoration, to encouraging interest and passion for nature.

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