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Avian/Aquatic Springs Biologist Assistant, Bureau of Land Management
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I'm originally from Los Angeles, and biodiversity/landscape conservation is my passion! In my free time, I love hiking, scrambling and backpacking. I also love film (my dad is a director) and music... when covid finally gets dealt with, I cannot wait to go see some live music. I have a particular interest in tropical conservation, particularly in Indonesia, though my only experience in tropical ecology (beyond coursework) was in Costa Rica through the School for Field Studies' Sustainable Development program. Since I graduated in late 2017, I have interned for Bureau of Land Management Palm Springs working on the DRECP ( a huge land use / conservation plan), and for 6 months with USFWS doing salmonid conservation fieldwork and a bunch of stewardship outreach and basic science teaching. I am currently serving a year term with the BLM in Taos, New Mexico, as an avian/aquatic biologist assistant / spring surveyor. With my botanist partner, we documented over 60 springs in our field office in 2020. This fall or spring, I hope to begin a masters program where I can gain more conservation knowledge, especially in planning and management. I'm taking this Wildteam course because I really don't have much formal education about how to develop conservation strategies...I look forward to hearing the experiences of my fellow classmates with international conservation projects, and get acquainted with a set of best practices used by many conservation organizations around the world.

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Feb 24, 2021
Replying to Teresia Robitschko

Hi Lucia,

I really like your first suggestion "Creating habitat corridors between patches of protected rainforest in e.g. Borneo" & would love to team up with you to work on this topic.

I am not an expert either, but the NGO I am working for does loads of reforestation of habitat in Costa Rica so I have some knowledge (I am working on the fundraising & management side of things - so I a not a reforestation pro - but still know a little bit).

I am going to attend the evening session on Wednesday too, so let me know if you are interested in working on this together.

Take care,

I am also interested in the first suggestion; I'm not an expert either but very interested in habitat loss in Borneo. I did a sustainable development program in Costa Rica myself so I have thought a bit about habitat corridors in a developing tropical country. I'll be in the wed eve session as well.