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Project Support Officer, Sussex Dolphin Project, World Cetacean Alliance
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About Andrew Scoon

My Name is Andrew and I am the Project Support Officer at the Sussex Dolphin Project (UK), committed to protecting local dolphin species through Research Education and Awareness to deliver ecosystem-level restoration and rejuvenation. 

I'm actually coming from a wildly different angle than most - 3 Years ago, I left my job after 5 years as a Mechanical Design Engineer to realign to something more!  I'd always wished for my career to work towards greater environmental impact, but I knew I couldn't do it on my current path within a reasonable timescale, so, along with the support of my partner, I left and started the next day at the Dolphin Project.  

My life has always been all about animals, nature and the environment, anyone I know would tell you that.  Since my first degree in Product Design and landing my first job as an engineer, I was doing everything in my power to steer my career as above.  I took on a second degree, part-time distance learning, through the OU in Engineering and majored in Environmental Management which encouraged me to switch sooner than later. 

I am a PADI dive instructor (though out of action) and have dived and volunteered around the world in no particular field because all of nature is just so astonishing to me. The rich diversity and intelligence of nature and it's raw capacity to survive really drives me, and the human - nature connection is what I look to re-kindle as a means for both a healthy, resilient natural system, as well as a functioning and thriving human system. 

My interests are a diverse as my garden ( ; P ), everything is unique.  I LOVE to be moving, Skating, Surfing, Yoga, Swimming, getting outside and letting things go with the flow. Wellbeing and understanding life is very important to me and I now have a little human to for someone to seek more wonder in life with.

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