Erick Lukonde Bwalya (He/Him)

Wildlife Police Officer (Field Ranger)/Research Assistant , Department of National Parks and Wildlife

About Erick Lukonde Bwalya

My name is Erick, and I am a wildlife ranger from Zambia. I am currently in my fourth year of studies, pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a focus on wildlife conservation and natural resources management. Through hands-on experience, I have gained skills in wildlife conservation, including wildlife radio-telemetry tracking, data collection and analysis using GPS and QGIS, and graphic design for impactful communication.

Furthermore, I am an active member of the recently established CITES Global Youth Network (CGYN), where I collaborate with like-minded individuals to address global wildlife trade issues.

Additionally, I have gained considerable experience in analysing data related to wildlife law enforcement operations. I have developed an expertise in using advanced SMART-field data management techniques to enhance wildlife protection efforts. I am driven by a commitment to preserving our natural heritage and seeking new challenges in conservation.

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