Jane Hopper

Senior Veterinary Partner, Wildlife Vets International
Catalina Chaves-Cordero

DVM, Awa Conservation

Karma Choki

Forestry Officer, Department of Forests and Park Services

Agkillah Maniam

Senior Programme Officer, TRAFFIC Southeast Asia


Veterinarian, Animal Health GD (Ministry of Agriculture)

Veterinarian specialised on wildlife management and natural areas conservation.
MKS Pasha

CA|TS Manager , WWF

Wildlife conservation professional with experience of 20 years of experience in leading and managing large teams and large scale conservation projects with multiple agencies across Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Presently working on Conservation Assured approach, designed to provide a set of Standards for shared conservation objective that can be used to achieve excellence in effective conservation of a certain species and/or habitat and their contribution to a collaborative target. Other areas of expertise include - protected area management, law enforcement, illegal wildlife trade monitoring and site monitoring and evaluation.