Kerstin Opfer

Policy Advisor - Energy Policy and Civil Society - Africa and MENA, Germanwatch e.V.
  • Germanwatch e.V.
  • Germany

About Kerstin Opfer

I'm currently working as Policy Advisor for Energy Policy and Civil Society focussing on Africa and the MENA region for a German NGO called Germanwatch. My job is very diverse - from lobbying for ambitious climate policy on the national and international stage to building capacity with local actors and researching participatory, environmentally-friendly and people-centred energy pathways - I do it all though not alone. I always work in cooperation with others. I strongly believe that only together we can achieve the kind of transformation we need to conserve our natural world and protect the climate. I know, I am not the typical conervationist. I don't focus on species, I am not even working in the field of conservation anymore. But I believe that conservation and climate protection should go hand in hand - and maybe I can help to be the bridge. Before working for Germanwatch I worked as operations and project manager for a Moroccan environment and development organisation in Marrakesh. Prior to this I completed a MSc in Conservation and Rural Development and a BSc in Biology.

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