Philipo Herman Malley

Program Manager: Research and Development Projects, Peace for Conservation

About Philipo Herman Malley

I have experience working on environmental and sustainable natural resources management particularly in developing countries contexts with Tanzanian Government, Local and International Non-Governmental Organizations. This encompasses field experience working with local communities on array of issues including advocating for pastoral rights, policy support, capacity building, sustainable management of natural capital and on climate change issues affecting rural producers in developing countries as well as experiences in international platforms, fora and networks. I am currently a program manager in research and development projects with peace for conservation (November 2018 to date). I worked with the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka in Tanzania as an assistant lecturer (March 2006 to November 2018) With a combination of a Master of Science Degree in Land Management, specializing in ecological conservation from Cranfield University, I have developed skill sets that enable understanding of challenges including development challenges facing countries in an environment where resource scarcity is increasing, population is rising and climate becoming more variable. My current career focus include: • Sustainable land management & arresting land degradation with communities (local/traditional knowledge, priorities and aspirations) • Working with local communities, national and international governments and organizations on climate change adaptation • Climate change mitigation with a focus on low carbon development • Coordinating policy issues around responsible governance of tenure and informed decision-making as a basis for sustainable development. I am also committed to contributing to a body of knowledge and data that will contribute to the realization of Agenda 2030.

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