Rebecca Jefferson

Founder and Director , Human Nature
sue dawson

Urban Green Project Officer, Dorset Wildlife Trust

Hello, I have worked in conservation for about 30 years, having started out as a volunteer in Wales and Scotland. My first roles were as a Wildlife Warden and Ranger in Dorset and Derbyshire and then in Project Management for community environmental projects.  I now work for Dorset Wildlife Trust as their Urban Green Project Officer, engaging with underserved communities, BAME and particularly 16-24 year olds. The aim of the project is to empower communities to take an active interest in their local green spaces for conservation and well being.
Kate Clemens

Graduate Student , Miami University

I am a passionate individual dedicated to ensuring wildlife and wild places are here for years to come in an equitable and sustainable way. An animal lover all my life, it made sense that I would pursue a career focused on the wellbeing and conservation of wildlife. Once I obtained my B.S. in Animal Science, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at the Birmingham Zoo with African mammals. During my time as a zookeeper, I focused much of my energy on educating the public by communicating information to generate understanding and create compassionate attitudes for endangered wildlife and conservation priorities. My natural ability to make connections with people led me to use my time to engage the public and coordinate partner priorities as the Operations Manager for the Global Conservation Corps where I worked both individually and as a team to increase support conservation education and boots-on-the-ground efforts. Additionally, I also acted as the Bowling For Rhinos Communication Liaison with the American Association of Zookeepers where I coordinated communication and connections with field conservationists and zoo professionals. Recently I returned home to Columbus, Ohio to focus on completing my Master’s degree in Conservation Biology through Miami University of Ohio’s Project Dragonfly studying attitudes and participation in conservation while also coordinating collaborative conservation initiatives with university professors, zookeepers, and community members.

Project Manager, Fundación Oso de Asturias

Antonia Leckie

Conservation Biologist, Leckie Nature Consultants

I am a conservation biologist focused on finding solutions to conservation problems. My passion lies in trying to improve the link between conservation efforts and research in order to enable a project to feedback into management impacts. My hobbies include Art, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Cycling and any excuse for an adventure
Jaima Smith

Education Officer, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

Hi there! I am an anthropologist & primatologist with a deep love and admiration for the natural world. I am passionate about primate conservation, specifically gibbons, and focused both my MA and PhD research on the elusive & enchanting Javan gibbon, and worked in collaboration with colleagues from the Javan Gibbon Center in West Java in order to achieve this. My research comprised elements of social anthropology (qualitative interviews with local people in West Java & social network research on the illegal wildlife trade) and conservation biology (population viability modelling & behavioural observations) and addressed a range of conservation issues relevant to the highly endangered Javan gibbon. I have participated in three releases of Javan gibbons back to the wild, including the very first one in 2009! I am a member of the IUCN Section on Small Apes and participate in two working groups with the Malaysian Primatological Society developing a national action plan for Malaysian gibbons. After my experience working in the education departments at both the Oregon Zoo and now currently Edinburgh Zoo, I have become quite passionate about conservation education and hope to inspire the younger generation to love the natural world as much as I do!
Ahmad Isa Ansyori

Program Implementation Coordinator, Rare