Announcing the AfA Macaque Coalition!

Announcing the Asia for Animals Macaque Coalitiion! Long in the making, the AfA Macaque Coalition’s new website is now live at If your project works on macaque issues, and you would like to chat macaques, please email

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Brooke Aldrich

Trustee / Coalition Coordinator, Neotropical Primate Conservation / Asia for Animals Coalition

I started working with captive rescued monkeys in 1999 and went on to earn an MSc in Primate Conservation (Oxford Brookes University) and another in International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law (University of Edinburgh). I've worked for a number of animal welfare organizations, most recently the Animals Asia Foundation and the Asia for Animals Coalition. I've been trustee and director for Neotropical Primate Conservation since its establishment as a UK charity in 2007. I'm particularly interested in the way human and non-human primates relate to one another, and the intersection between conservation and animal welfare. I feel that it's important that these are treated as complimentary, rather than contradictory, concepts. At present I am exploring primate welfare in the context of human-macaque conflict mitigation strategies. Please feel free to contact me here to talk about this if it's of interest to you! I am originally from the US but have lived in the UK for many years.
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8 months ago

Hi Brooke! Thanks for sharing the wonderful news about this important coalition! Your post was not assigned a location on our hub yet, so I have added it to our "Network opportunities" channel and "Collaborate and help others" room, so that those members interested in this channel & room will be notified of your post. You can always change its location by clicking on 'edit' below your picture banner. Please let me know if you have any questions and wishing you a nice weekend!