Apply to be part of the Conservation Optimism Summit 2024

The 3rd Conservation Optimism Summit will be held in Oxford, UK, in September. We are filling the programme, but there is still space. Come and share your stories, insights and skills to Enable, Empower and Embrace conservationists everywhere.
Apply to be part of the Conservation Optimism Summit 2024

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The Conservation Optimism Summit is not an academic conference. It is a gathering
of people engaged with conservation and the global conservation community, in the broadest sense. It is focussed on Enabling, Empowering and Embracing people involved in meeting the great conservation challenges of our time, through sharing hope, passing on new skills, building community, and fostering wellbeing.
The audience will be a wide range of people engaged in conservation, from the worlds of academia, art, business, health, and hopefully many others. We encourage the inclusion of new and diverse voices for conservation. We particularly welcome new and innovative ways to communicate conservation hope and success, community and inspiration, and we welcome submissions that incorporate art, music, film and new approaches.
For those with presentations / workshops / street dance displays (wouldn’t that be great!) to bring – do go to the Summit '24 website and click the Get Involved link, or click here to go straight to the application form. Registration for attendees will open towards the end of May.
We can't wait to see you in September 😊

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
9 days ago

Thanks for sharing Jon! I look forward to being part of this event! 

@Maureen Kinyanjui,@Amos Chege , @Grace Pounsin : perhaps this event is of interest to you and your network/cohort?

A great opportunity! Thanks for sharing  dear @Jon Taylor  What are the conditions for taking part in this summit?