Conservation job opportunity at ZSL: 3

ZSL is looking for a "Species Recovery Programme Manager". UK based (hybrid working options available). Full-time/Fixed Term Contract. Salary £44,866 (inclusive of London Weighting). Deadline is Aug 4th - so hurry! Details and link to online application below.
Conservation job opportunity at ZSL: 3

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Role Profile

To achieve ZSL’s vision of a world where wildlife thrives, we need to do more than stop declines and prevent extinctions, we need to drive the recovery of highly threatened species. ZSL has a long history in delivering targeted conservation interventions for species around the world, harnessing its expertise in species recovery.


The Species Recovery Programme Manager will lead and coordinate ZSL’s Back from the Brink initiative (a programme of work focused on driving sustained, targeted actions to recover a set of highly threatened species from near extinction, including many Extinct in the Wild). It will further oversee and manage a suite of programmes focussed on the recovery of specific target species under the Back from the Brink umbrella, including on Sahelo-Saharan antelopes and other new programmes as may be established. The role will foster collaborations around ZSL seeking to identify opportunities to support and build out collaborative species recovery efforts.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Lead and coordinate ZSL’s Back from the Brink initiative, providing both strategic and technical oversight 
• Provide management oversight to existing species recovery programmes and any future projects / programmes
• Be responsible for advancing ZSL’s approach to setting strategic, data-driven, species recovery targets for our work

• Develop and maintain internal and external working relationships and partnerships 
• Collaborate closely with staff in our field programmes and conservation partners to support integration of ZSL species expertise into field conservation efforts
• Provide training and support in species conservation approaches and ecological research methodologies
• Work with the Fundraising department, and other colleagues as appropriate, to seek new funding opportunities
• Be responsible for budget planning and management for all work within the Species Recovery programme
• Oversee the production of financial and programmatic reports from projects to donors and for ZSL’s internal purposes.

• Ensure all projects within the programme are on-track with deliverables, budget and reporting
• Work with programme staff to oversee project design, implementation and management
• Represent ZSL at conferences/workshops and in the media as needed.

For full details and online application process click this link

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Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
almost 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing another opportunity @Simon Hedges !

Go to the profile of Joao L B Guimaraes
almost 2 years ago

Hello, @Simon Hedges , Thanks for posting this! Too late for sending application info?

Go to the profile of Simon Hedges
almost 2 years ago

Hi Joao,

You're just in time! Please send a CV and cover letter explaining why you'd be a good fit for the job (and whether you have the right to work in the UK) to

Good luck!


Go to the profile of Joao L B Guimaraes
almost 2 years ago

Thank you! Cheers