Conservation job opportunity at ZSL: 2

ZSL is looking for a new "EDGE of Existence Programme Manager". UK based with hybrid working options. Full-time/permanent. Salary £44,866 to £46,067 (inclusive of London Weighting). Deadline 4th of August - so hurry! Details and link to online application process below
Conservation job opportunity at ZSL: 2

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Role Profile

We are looking to recruit an exceptional, passionate, and inspiring individual to lead the work of the EDGE of Existence Programme. The individual will lead and manage the EDGE programme, with oversight of all activities, including the capacity building components within the programme and science, strategic development, donor and partnership engagement and effective conservation action for EDGE species. The role represents a tremendous opportunity for an individual who is truly passionate about capacity building to deliver locally led species conservation. You will need to be well organized, diplomatic, and have experience managing or leading a programme with full budget oversight and line management responsibility. You will also ideally have experience planning, or leading, threatened species recovery programmes/projects in the field, particularly in developing countries. The role will interact broadly across the organisation, including with colleagues in ZSL’s conservation programmes, the Institute of Zoology and the zoos.

About the EDGE of Existence programme:

EDGE species are Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered, meaning they are unique species at risk of extinction. EDGE species have few close relatives and sit at the end of long branches on the tree of life, so tend to be unusual and remarkable in the way they look and live. Often overlooked by the conservation agenda, they represent irreplaceable evolutionary history: once they are gone, there will be nothing like them left on Earth.


The EDGE of Existence Programme is a global initiative building local capacity to conserve these little-known species. This is essential when biodiversity-rich countries often have the most limited conservation capacity. The EDGE of Existence programme has been running since 2007, and to date has supported 129 EDGE Fellows in 46 countries worldwide working on 127 EDGE species. We catalyse locally led conservation action to protect EDGE species in developing countries around the world. We train and mentor promising future conservation leaders to undertake much-needed action for some of the most threatened and evolutionary distinct species and equip them to become conservation champions for their species.

For full details and the online application process click on this link

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
almost 2 years ago

Hi @Simon Hedges , thanks for sharing these job opportunities at ZSL! Could you please add your posts to the room "job opportunities"? This is the only way that our members will be notified of your posts by email. Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions. 

Go to the profile of Simon Hedges
almost 2 years ago

Hi Thirza - all tree posts are included in the room "job opportunities" and badged "Opportunities". Thanks! Simon

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
almost 2 years ago

Wonderful! Thanks, Simon!