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Debra Saunders

CEO & Chief Remote Pilot, Wildlife Drones Pty Ltd

Debbie is a Founding Director of Wildlife Drones, and a Conservation Ecologist at the Australian National University. Her extensive conservation research experience focuses on improving our understanding of threatened migratory birds and the complex ecosystems they depend on. She recently succeeded in translating her long-term research into a $1 million habitat restoration project for a diversity of threatened species. She has also been instrumental in the development of the world’s first robotic radio-tracking drone for remotely locating tagged animals. Currently she is taking this drone technology to next level with the creation of Wildlife Drones, a commercial-ready product for researchers, pest species managers and conservation NGOs internationally. She has received an ACT Innovation Award as well as an ACT Government Innovation Connect grant for her creative business solutions for challenging research problems. Debbie believes that drones are a highly valuable and flexible tool that provide unprecedented opportunities for new insights into the world’s most complex and fascinating natural ecosystems.
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