Earth to Humans podcast: Climate Crisis Got You Down?

As people who care about the environment, it’s nearly impossible to tune out and look away, but we wanted to talk about what that is actually doing to our mental health, and how we can better cope with our current climate reality.
Earth to Humans podcast: Climate Crisis Got You Down?

If anyone else is feeling totally overwhelmed about the climate crisis, especially if you're in the UK and feel in total shock after yet another gut-wrenching decision about our collective future, may I suggest speaking to some of your environmental colleagues about your eco-anxiety?

Last week, my fellow podcast co-producers and I got together to discuss how our despair manifests, and what we do to counteract it. We laughed, we cried, we felt better. Here's the resulting podcast.

We'd love to hear about your eco-anxiety remedies and how you retain your hope for the future of planet Earth, so please get in touch!

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