Environmental Social Science or Economics

Episode 1 of The Green Mind Podcast with Elizabeth Schuster

Episode link: https://www.thegreenmindpodcast.com/episodes/episode/484e14ce/environmental-social-science-or-economics

Elizabeth Schuster is the founder and CEO of Sustainable Economies Consulting and good friend of podcast host Leander Lacy. Elizabeth is a credible and nationally-known environmental economists. We talk about the difference between environmental economics and social science, projects we have worked on together, and current projects that Elizabeth is taking on to transform her local county. We also discuss the importance of building trust and relationships with communities and the people that we engage. In order to truly understand your stakeholders, hiring an economist or social scientist will give you the data you need to have clarity in your approach to educate and gain buy-in.

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Episode Highlights:

2:30 - Environmental Social Scientist vs. Environmental Economist

8:55 - Outcomes from gathering people together for a conference

14:50 - Social science and social skills

19:27 - Working local projects vs regional projects

28:30 - Staying motivated as an Environmental Economist

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