Mind, Heart, and Body

Episode 3 of The Green Mind Podcast with Jason Swann

Episode link: https://www.thegreenmindpodcast.com/episodes/episode/4bba1c32/mind-heart-and-body

Co-Founder Jason Swann speaks to us about Rising Routes. Born out of a traumatic experience, Rising Routes seeks to heal individuals and bridge the social divide in the country by providing outdoor experiences that address mental health and systems of oppression that hold the United States back from reaching its full potential. We start the first 12 minutes of our session, as we do in real life, with a model of sharing called Mind, Heart, and Body. 

Episode Highlights:

12:10 – Begin talking about Rising Routes

13:36 - Traumatic experience that led to Rising Routes

17:39 – Using the outdoors to build community 

20:00 – White-led conservation groups not addressing social wellbeing and mental health

23:00 – Addressing discrimination, social injustice, climate change through the outdoors

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