Safe Spaces and Triggering Moments

Episode 2 of The Green Mind Podcast with Crystal Egli and Parker McMullen-Bushman

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Crystal Egli and Parker McMullen-Bushman are the co-founders of Inclusive Journeys. Their organization is helping marginalized communities find their voice and space in nature through a variety of projects such as The Digital Green Book. The Digital Green Book provides a platform for individuals to rate their experiences with businesses and public spaces to help others in their community plan out their next safe and fun experience. We talk about creating safe spaces, triggering moments of 2020, friendships, and how you can play a part in supporting their amazing work.

Episode Highlights:

7:28 - The need for The Digital Green Book

12:37 - The Digital Green Book and the outdoors

17:00 - Perpetuation of unsafe spaces and systemic racism

28:40 - Triggering the host on summer of 2020

34:00 - Life for Parker and Crystal if Inclusive Journeys existed before

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