Hello everyone

Really looking forward to meeting you all on Monday

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I am Jane and live and work in the UK.  I have a BSc in Ecology and a MSc in Wildlife and Habitat Management.  I have worked overseas and in the UK on different research projects and am now a project manager for a small wildlife charity on a wetlands restoration project on the south coast.  It has taken twists and turns to get here with a variety of jobs, not all conservation and wildlife focused, but which have contributed to a varied skilled set that the PM role seems to need (catering, dealing with difficult people, events management, budget control etc!).   I have always tried to do conservation based voluntary work to keep me sane when doing unsatisfying jobs.   I am passionate about wildlife with a particular interest in wetland mammals - beavers and water voles.  I do a bit of moth trapping in my spare time and am never happier than when I am in my waders in a pond / ditch / lake and a bit muddy :) 

I enjoy engaging with young people about wildlife and conservation, and try to offer work experience and dissertation and research opportunities because I am aware we need warriors to go forward in the future and do battle against greed and save vulnerable species and habitats.

Have just completed the PMWC course and thought it was fab so SDWC seems a must. 

See you Monday,


Jane Reeve

Project Manager, Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group

Have been involved in a variety of projects - Javan Silvery Gibbon, Tigers in India, and more recently water vole conservation in the UK. Currently run a landscape wide wetland restoration project in West Sussex on the south coast of the UK with water voles in mind but would love to just throw in a couple of European beavers and my job would be done!
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12 months ago

A big welcome back Jane! :) How did you learn your moth skills? I'd love to learn more.