Hello, nice to meet you all...

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Hello, nice to meet you all...

Hi everyone my name is Ryan Kincaid. I am looking forward to working and studying with you al in the wild team's project management for wildlife conservation course.

I consider myself a wildlife rehabilitator by trade. Though I have only been doing that for a few years after a much needed career change. I am currently looking for more employment in this sector and trying to expand my knowledge and skill base in wildlife conservation.

Now to embarrass myself! Here is a link to my current video CV that I created during the Covid19 lockdown last year to try and help with my employment applications. It is a good insight to who I am and what I do.

My video CV.

My dream focus would be to keep doing what I am doing, helping wildlife and the natural world in any way that I can, and ideally start my own wildlife rescue charity or help organise an already existing one.

I am hopping to learn some great management skills on the PMWC course that I can hopefully adapt to managing rescue centres, or It might set me on a completely new path where I manage wider scope wildlife conservation projects. 

Hobby wise, I like to swim, I love skating on wheels and ice (and yes I dabbled in figure skating and ice dance) and I have taken up a keen interest in astrophotography... I sat out for 4 hours in the cold one night to get 30 seconds of moving stars only to find out my lens had fogged up D: though it was quite interesting listening to all the nocturnal critters moving around ^_^


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over 1 year ago

Hello Ryan, love this introduction! Perhaps you can share with us some of your more successful astrophotography? And a CV video is an excellent idea I think, shows innovation (yes I did watch it). Look forward to chatting more in live sessions. B