Is it all coming together?

The PMWC course is helping me make sense of another course I completed.
Is it all coming together?

I am quite enjoying week 3's content. Its complicated, but it made this course I did previously make a lot more sense in the scope of running such a huge scale project:

It was a very dry course and I struggled with the concept of how the UN REDD+ programme could be implemented given its scale and complexity.

I hope everyone else is getting on ok with the work. And I am looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday. :D

Oh, That is porter ^ a harbour seal I worked with. Ridiculously photogenic, everyone adored him... but I knew not to be fooled by that cute shin biters face ^_^


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over 1 year ago

Hi Ryan

I too am enjoying the evolving logic of PMWC. Although I haven't done a formal project management course outside work-related in-house training, this course suits me fine, particularly as I understand it is incorporating elements of PRINCE 2, which is much respected 'out there' in different sectors.
I can see also what Beth means about hanging in as it'll all come together - it's starting to do that a bit more this week :) :)


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over 1 year ago

Hey Rachel and Ryan, glad it is all coming together. There are lots of strands of PMWC that sort of knit together. Ryan, would you recommend the REDD+ course? 

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over 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing! Porter is adorable!

And re- the course...this is my first project management course. It does still seem a bit 'abstract' to me at the time but I think that's because of my lack of experience with these types of projects. Since my experience is limited mostly to academia I'm so happy I enrolled in the PMWC course because it's really opening my eyes as to how different this type of work can be from that of a research at a university. Looking forward to seeing how it continues to unfold!