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Based in the UK. Passion for wildlife stems from living abroad and global travel to many national parks and protected areas in my youth and early adulthood. Degree qualifications in agricultural economics/rural resources/environmental policy. Worked in environmental consultancy projects and waste management (reduction, reuse, recycling) collaboration, campaigns, education and service. Volunteered part time 2010-2019 for wildlife charities (education/interpretation) and a national park (species surveys and water quality monitoring). Refreshed knowledge of ecology through online introductory course 2014. Completed certificate in ecological consultancy 2020 under lockdown and gained qualifying membership of CIEEM. Now wanting to mould and formalise project management experience in the wildlife conservation arena (while still in lockdown!) Feel the combination of skills and experience means I have a useful and valuable contribution to make towards improving the UK's biodiversity and state of nature, which has taken a big hit in the last decade. Would like to do this in a paid capacity, but definitely in a volunteer role if that's all I can find to start with! Have already started making a contribution.

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Mar 03, 2021
Replying to Hannah

Rachel this is awesome! I'm camera trapping wildlife at Alladale Wilderness Reserve and we struggle to get pine martens. Any time I try to bait them with jam or peanut butter the deer just get to it first! But without bait they'll not often pass through the same camera much - I had a camera placed in the field for four months and the pine marten showed up once....we get lots of foxes and badgers though :) 

Hi Hannah
Thank you! The full suite of clips is even more exciting, but it was difficult enough posting this short one LOL
I love that you're doing camera trapping too.
Would be great to get together to discuss different experiences!

Feb 23, 2021

I'm on a Wednesday morning!

Feb 22, 2021

Hi Alan, in theory, I would be pleased to join your group on a Wednesday morning. I'd thought about increasing the population of pine martens in my local forest, or beavers in the Cairngorms, because I was wondering what might be best from the point of view of picking something manageable for this SDWC course!

Just some thoughts on the limited amount of information I do know about wolves at this stage:

- The wolf is a top predator (good for keeping down deer numbers) and a keystone species (great spin-off benefits considering the success of Yellowstone).
- It needs a big range/territory, so the Scottish Highlands area is good for the species, but, unlike Yellowstone, it's also populated by a lot of people with different vested interests and is a huge area for consulting with stakeholders on a controversial subject (I considered the map on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Highlands). So would you aim to run a pilot on a controlled area first, such as a large remote island or a fenced National Park, I was wondering? Even they would be challenging!
- You obviously have additional information that makes you sound like there would be traction for this! I am aware of the planting of native woodland that is already taking place.

Look forward to hearing what you think!


Feb 20, 2021

Is anyone there? I'm signed in...

Feb 19, 2021

Hi John
If I've set it up correctly ('Start a video panel' here in the PMWC room), anyone can join in and even start without me if you're early (I think!) This is the link, cross fingers!
Catch you and anyone else tomorrow

Comment on Hi I'm Pearse
Feb 04, 2021

Good for you, Pearse!

Jan 29, 2021

Hi Ryan

I too am enjoying the evolving logic of PMWC. Although I haven't done a formal project management course outside work-related in-house training, this course suits me fine, particularly as I understand it is incorporating elements of PRINCE 2, which is much respected 'out there' in different sectors.
I can see also what Beth means about hanging in as it'll all come together - it's starting to do that a bit more this week :) :)