Talking of photography...

It was great to see Kyle's portfolio. Here is a quick sample of my pine marten footage - enjoy!

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Possibly my favourite photo in Kyle's portfolio is 'Protecting Darkness' - not just an amazing image, but also an important ambition. I can relate to this... after successful deployments of my new (infrared) trail cam 24/7, I was so excited by how much wildlife activity can be evidenced under cover of darkness / while we're asleep / in spite of us humans. A notoriously shy mammal, this pine marten was attracted to some peanut butter I'd put in the tree. You can see that it's snowing, so it was cold at the time.

This clip and some additional footage showed some great behaviour: bounding, climbing, wiping its face on a branch, marking territory at the base with its characteristic hip-wiggle, and coming up to the camera to investigate more closely (I could hear it :D) Such a treat!

Rachel Stewart

Unemployed at the moment, n/a

Based in the UK. Passion for wildlife stems from living abroad and global travel to many national parks and protected areas in my youth and early adulthood. Degree qualifications in agricultural economics/rural resources/environmental policy. Worked in environmental consultancy projects and waste management (reduction, reuse, recycling) collaboration, campaigns, education and service. Volunteered part time 2010-2019 for wildlife charities (education/interpretation) and a national park (species surveys and water quality monitoring). Refreshed knowledge of ecology through online introductory course 2014. Completed certificate in ecological consultancy 2020 under lockdown and gained qualifying membership of CIEEM. Now wanting to mould and formalise project management experience in the wildlife conservation arena (while still in lockdown!) Feel the combination of skills and experience means I have a useful and valuable contribution to make towards improving the UK's biodiversity and state of nature, which has taken a big hit in the last decade. Would like to do this in a paid capacity, but definitely in a volunteer role if that's all I can find to start with! Have already started making a contribution.
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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
8 months ago

Oh wow! What a treat :) Made my morning. 

Go to the profile of Hannah
8 months ago

Rachel this is awesome! I'm camera trapping wildlife at Alladale Wilderness Reserve and we struggle to get pine martens. Any time I try to bait them with jam or peanut butter the deer just get to it first! But without bait they'll not often pass through the same camera much - I had a camera placed in the field for four months and the pine marten showed up once....we get lots of foxes and badgers though :) 

Go to the profile of Rachel Stewart
8 months ago

Hi Hannah
Thank you! The full suite of clips is even more exciting, but it was difficult enough posting this short one LOL
I love that you're doing camera trapping too.
Would be great to get together to discuss different experiences!