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Hi everyone, 

My name is Taranee and I am an international graduate from Malaysia currently residing in the UK and I am looking to secure a full-time career in something that I am really passionate about, species conservation. I will be graduating from BSc Ecology and Conservation Biology in a month and I am hoping to get as much work experience as I can before going on to do my Masters. I believe that by joining this community, I will get to meet so many other talented and brave new minds that also share the same interest as me, in the field of ecology and conservation. I am also hoping to learn as go along, exploring this brilliant online platform, and educating myself on the necessary skills that is needed for me to help endangered species to recover.

Thank you so much!


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10 days ago

Hi @Taranee welcome to WildHub! Please check out our upcoming socials in July here where you will be able to meet and connect with more members on the platform! Also feel free to add a cover photo to this post to make it stand out more, for more info on creating a post please see this video!

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9 days ago

Welcome to WildHub, @Taranee

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9 days ago

Thank you for the welcome, Lara :)