Introduction to Social Science for Conservation

Online training to empower you to use conservation social science in your work or organisation

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We know that understanding people’s relationships with the environment is critical to achieving positive conservation outcomes.  Yet exploring these relationships require specialist approaches and methods.  That’s where social science comes in, as it provides insight into how people influence and are influenced by their environment, why people value nature and what can be done to engage audiences in your cause. 
Focused on what you need to know

Social science is unfamiliar to many working in conservation. 

If you work or study in the conservation sector, and want to better understand the human dimensions of conservation, we will provide you with a foundation to build your skills and confidence in social science. 

We recognise that integrating new approaches into your work after the course can be a daunting task.  By the end of the course, you’ll have a personalised plan for applying social science to work for you.  

Course details:

The training will be held online over three days, delivered live with a maximum group size of 15 participants.  Your training will be led by Dr Rebecca Jefferson, a conservation social scientist with over a decade of experience working in NGO, academic and the private sector. 
Tuesday 13th October, 9:30am-12pm - What is social science and why is it important to conservation?
Wednesday 14th October, 9:30am-12pm - Methods for social science.
Thursday 15th October, 9:30am-12pm - Barriers and enablers for integrating social sciences into conservation.

For more details and to book visit

Feedback on the course from previous participants:

Really good discussions, very high-quality presentations, interesting and well presented.

The course gave me confidence in relation to my understanding of social science sub-disciplines, methods and potential analyses.

Thanks for the great course! It worked well over Zoom, especially the breakout rooms.


Please contact us with any queries you have, it'd be lovely to hear from you
Twitter @Human_NatureUK 

Rebecca Jefferson

Founder and Director , Human Nature

I am a social scientist and passionate about increasing the application of social science research and methods in the conservation sector. To do this, I founded Human Nature. Human Nature is a social enterprise empowering conservation professionals to use social sciences to impact people and planet. We provide training and mentorship to NGOs, academics, policy makers and others wishing to build their foundations in social science. Many people working in conservation have trained through natural science routes, and find themselves needing to better understand the people elements of ecosystems. Social science provides the tools do this. Please get in touch if you are interested in hearing more about what we do.
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Go to the profile of Ana Di Pangracio
about 1 year ago

Very interesting course, it is a pity it is so early in my part of the world. Please in the future also consider some timings in BST afternoon so we might join :)

Go to the profile of Rebecca Jefferson
about 1 year ago

Hello Ana, thank you for your interest in the course.  Which part of the world are you in?  I am keen to offer courses which work for other time zones and am exploring how and when best to do this!

Best wishes


Go to the profile of Ana Di Pangracio
about 1 year ago

Argentina, in South America. GMT-3

Go to the profile of Rebecca Jefferson
about 1 year ago

Thanks Ana, I'll use that in my planning for course times in 2021.

Best wishes


Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
about 1 year ago

Great to see this sort of training on offer! Hope you get good uptake. 

Go to the profile of Rebecca Jefferson
about 1 year ago

Thank you!