Remembering Cheetahs Book Launch

by Margot Raggett / Remember Wildlife Series - Online Event this year!

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In case any of you might be interested, the Remembering Cheetahs book Launch from the Remembering Wildlife Series by Margot Raggett is happening next week. It is taking place online this year for obvious reasons.  

You can still sign up here:

Samantha Gargour

Digital Business Manager, Samantha Gargour

Hi! My name is Sam. Photography is a side passion, wildlife in particular. Scuba Diving is another. It has led me to some remote locations both above and below the water. Through it, my personal awareness of the threat of climate change, extinction of species and the destruction of some of Earth’s greatest landscapes has increased. I’ve met many people & photographers along the way whose passionate dedication to marine and wildlife conservation has ignited a similar passion in me. I am grateful for these encounters and pledge to start making a difference myself, in some small way. As such, I decided to start Wild Conversations, a digital business service for wildlife conservationists, photographers & filmmakers, blog & early podcast. My mission is to 'converse to conserve' with the intention of highlighting individual wildlife conservation photographers and filmmakers. What they do, why they do it and how they hope to change the world though their images and films. I offer a wide range of services including communications, social media management, business development, research focusing on communicating the message of wildlife conservation.
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