SMART Conservation Tools

I wanted to share an announcement from the SMART Partnership about a set of conservation technology tools that are designed to help with field data collection and adaptive management of your site-based conservation projects.
SMART Conservation Tools

Dear Colleagues,


We are excited to announce the release of SMART Mobile and SMART 6.3. You can download and find more information at 


SMART Mobile — The best solution for capturing data in protected areas 


SMART Mobile allows staff to easily, accurately, and quickly collect and upload data for analysis and action. SMART Mobile takes advantage of the technologies now readily available in mobile devices (e.g., GPS, cameras, large multi-touch screens) to enable geo-referenced field observations, photos and other data to be collected using a single interface on one device. 


Data can be directly transferred into SMART via connection to a computer, or wirelessly via SMART Connect. SMART Mobile enhances the tried and trusted power of CyberTracker with a new and streamlined data entry process, support for high-resolution icons, touch/swipe controls, advanced mapping and navigation, support for multiple languages, flexible changes to patrol metadata on the fly, real-time alerts, and many other new functions. Read more here about the new improvements of using SMART Mobile.


New Kiosk Mode


SMART Mobile introduces a robust new Kiosk Mode which allows users to lock their mobile devices for exclusive use by SMART Mobile. The use of mobile devices for non-SMART apps drains batteries and distracts people from the critical jobs they perform. Kiosk provides security and additional peace of mind for managers. Ensuring mobile phones are locked down is one of the top demands we have for SMART Mobile.


The updated version of SMART 6.3 includes a fully integrated tool to help you install Kiosk Mode easily. 



Getting Started with SMART Mobile

Ready to start collecting data with SMART Mobile? Visit the SMART Mobile release page to download SMART Mobile -


To learn more about how to use SMART Mobile, read the updated SMART Mobile Data Collection guide


For Connect Users


SMART Mobile can be used with SMART Connect to allow real-time data transfer of data and alerts. 


Connect users should contact  to coordinate their upgrade.

If anyone is interested in using SMART conservation tools at their site please send a response to this conversation.



Tony Lynam

Wildlife Conservation Society - Center for Global Conservation

SMART Partnership

PMWC Course May 2020


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over 1 year ago

Hi Tony, Thanks for sharing - exciting to read about these SMART developments. Would be great to add it one of our rooms on WildHub so that people can easily find it again. Perhaps the 'Management and organisational development' room?

In your published post, you can click on 'edit' and select the room of your choice in the right-hand menu when you are in the 'editing a post' interface. Let me know if you have any questions and have a nice day!

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over 1 year ago

Hi Thirza, I've reassigned the post to Management and organizational development but I wonder if WildHub could have a Conservation Technology room where this might sit and attract more readers?

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over 1 year ago

Hi Tony, Thanks for adding your post to that room, that's great. We could have a Conservation Technology room on WildHub; would you like to chair this room perhaps? We could also find a second member to co-chair it with you, if you like. You may already know it, but just to mention that WILDLABS also provides a space to discuss conservation technology, which is the main focus of their community. Thanks and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the above (feel free to email me about this as well, if you'd prefer).