The Fall of the great Ocean Farmers - a podcast

Welcome to a new series of marine biology podcasts from the Marine Biological Association.
The Fall of the great Ocean Farmers - a podcast

Hi, I'm Guy, I edit The Marine Biologist magazine. The ocean is so important in how we deal with the climate and biodiversity crisis, and readers of the magazine can find out about the latest science, policy, and careers in the field. The magazine goes out to Marine Biological Association members but members-to-be can also access some of our great content.

This is the second episode of our podcast, we hope you enjoy it!

The Antarctic blue whale is the biggest animal that has ever lived. In the 20th century, humans harvested 99 per cent of them.

In this episode we welcome marine ecologist Matthew Savoca and zoologist and photographer Conor Ryan.  Both are hugely knowledgeable about how Southern Ocean ecosystems—"the oceanic heartbeat of the planet"—work.

If you ever wondered how many blue and fin whales there are now, how many were taken by whaling, and how that impacts us, listen on!


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