Using Open Standards in species recovery

Looking for real world examples of practitioners using the Open Standards Framework in their species recovery projects.

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I am working with Back from the Brink to identify species recovery measures and better understand how we can measure success in the recovery of species or habitats. Open Standards appears to lend itself well to this, and I am now trying to find examples of recovery projects that have used this process. However I am new to this framework and am looking for examples of the application that will help me visualize how it can be adopted. Any practitioners out there using OS in their species recovery projects that can help, please get in touch. Thank you.   

Helen Pheasey

Back from the Brink Consultant, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

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11 months ago

Hi Helen, Thanks for your message - I will move it to our room "Collaborate and Help others". One question: How would you prefer for members to get in touch with you? 

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11 months ago

Hi, this site here has some good examples that you could take a look. Best Anita