Danielle Boobyer (She/Her)

Marketing / Fundraising consultant, more onion

About Danielle Boobyer

I specialise in communications and marketing for environmental charities, making ordinary people give a damn about and engage in environmental stories and campaigns - fuelling action and creating change.

I work for an agency called more onion that helps progressive charities and non-profits have more impact through campaigns, fundraising and/or supporter engagement. My I love working with animal/environmental charities, as this is the area I'm most passionate about.

I've worked for WWF, Greenpeace & Surfers Against Sewage, as well as grassroots organisations. As I'm neurodivergent, disabled, a carer and from a working class background, I'm passionate about making sure projects and campaigns are as inclusive as possible - we need everyone to change the world on the scale needed.

Studying an MA in Anthrozoology part-time at Exeter (remote). My final project is studying vocalisations of critically endangered captive Javan Green Magpies and how we can use bioacoustics to inform welfare and understanding. Primate fan, but now falling in love with song birds.

I have a BSc in Biology from St Andrews and won an Undergraduate Award for my genetics research.

I live in the UK. Born in London, but living by the sea in Cornwall.

Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn :)

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