Jennifer Cantlay

PhD student, Royal Holloway University of London

About Jennifer Cantlay

I am an experienced British veterinary surgeon with a Master's degree in Conservation Medicine, now undertaking doctoral research in avian ecology. My PhD project utilises a sensory ecology approach to understand and address the problem of waterbirds' fatal interactions with man-made hazards (e.g. gill nets, wind turbines). I have practical skills in conservation and rehabilitation of both British and Asian wildlife, the latter was gained whilst living in Malaysia and China from 2012 to 2017. My relocation to Asia enabled me to do voluntary work with both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife conservation NGOs in Malaysia and China. My articles about these experiences were published in magazines and featured on blogs. I developed a professional relationship with TRAFFIC Southeast Asia in order to write my Masters thesis on the zoonotic implications of the wild meat trade in Malaysia. Both postgraduate research and living overseas have provided me with unique opportunities in wildlife conservation, animal welfare and science communication, which are invaluable for my future career.

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